Our goal is for you finding the dream fit size at once so that you´ll receive perfectly fitting products as soon as possible. If you consider between two sizes, we recommend you to choose the smaller one due to the elastic (four way stretch) material used in our sustainable leggings.


Sizes in the chart below are given in centimeters (cm).

NOTE that our sizes are comparable with EU-sizes. The measurements (cm) of the size chart of our leggings below are tape measurements of the product without stretching (the fabric).

size chart Njálla Clothing


Our tops sizes are comparable with EU-sizes. 

XS (34/36)
S (38/40)
M (38/40)
L (40-42)
XL (42/44)
XXL (44-46)


We hope you´ll have memorable time with your unique and sustainable Njálla products and we wish you´ll take care of them the best you can. Giving clothes a long life is the best way to save the environment. Buy less and when you buy, buy quality and something you really love.

Follow these instructions for Njálla products;

– Wash with like colors.
– Do not use softener.
– Njálla leggings enjoy washing temperature 30° C.
– Do not use iron.
– Do not use tumble dry, that way you save the environment too.
– Do not bleach, unless you want to surprise yourself and us.
– Do not use chemical wash either.

Following these washing instructions, you will do just fine. Enjoy your Njálla products and live life the fullest.

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