The most important thing for us as a brand and a company from Finland is to represent values such as conservation, supporting human and animal rights. We want to do our part in making the fashion industry more sustainable & ethical in order to respect humans, animals and our beautiful planet Earth.


Ethically produced clothing is vital to us as a brand and a company on a practical level but also as a value itself. All of Njálla´s clothes are made ethically and we carefully choose the suppliers we collaborate with. We also require our suppliers to respect and value ethics in working conditions including for example limited working hours, adequate salaries, safety of the working environment etc. We verify this by international certifications, BSCI (The Business Social Compliance Initiative) and WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment), granted by third parties. Cultivating ethical awareness through apparel by following ethical guidelines in terms of worker compensations is vital to us.

Our beautiful clothes are designed in Finland and made in China and Turkey. Designing consists of designing the patterns and prints. Patterns are designed by Finnish sports professionals paying a great attention to comfort during practice. Our prints are handmade painted in Finland by a professional artist and all rights are reserved by Njálla so uniqueness with Njálla wear is guaranteed.


The ecological material choices and unique prints designed by Njálla reflects our love towards nature and all species. All the materials used in our products meets certified ecological standards. Using ecological materials is the premise of Njálla’s operation. We consider using ecological materials should be the starting point for all clothing production and fashion industry. We verify the ecology of the materials we use in our products with international certifications, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Cultivating sustainable awareness through apparel by using ecological materials is one of our many ways to be a part in creating clothes for more sustainable future and fashion industry.


Investing in quality and uniqueness instead of quantity is our conscious choice and part of our strategy.

Making small amount of unique clothing is also a way to leave a smaller and more sustainable footprint. We carefully choose the materials we use and the producers we collaborate with have long experience. Quality also consists of the pattern designs of our clothes designed by Finnish sport professionals so that you could concentrate to what is the most important for you. Before you use your very own Njálla product several quality checks have been made by designers, print makers, cutters, sewers, quality managers, folders, steamers & by us. We know that our products have a long life and we hope that consumers will invest in quality and uniqueness instead of fast trading trends.

Uniqueness for us is also a way to stand out from others. We want you to feel unique in your Njálla’s with unique art prints made in Finland inspired by the Nordic nature. All of our prints are handmade in Finland and all rights reserved by Njálla Clothing company so you won´t find these anywhere else. We guarantee your uniqueness! We make small amount of clothing and we do not follow fast changing trends. All of our products can be used in any season. We want to offer you quality & uniqueness over quantity.


As consumers we all are and should be responsible in building more sustainable future. There are several ways we can all make small acts for being responsible. We listed them here below so be free to use these instructions with all other brands you also have too and please tell us if you have something to add:

  • Consider before buying. Buy less buy quality. Please consider carefully what you consume.
  • Give the products a long life. We hope that you take good care of any products you buy according to care instructions which every product should have. Find care instructions from label and if you cut if off you´ll find our care instructions here. Caring products, thus giving them long life is one way for all of us to act more sustainable too.
  • After you have given our high-quality product a long life and sending it to its last journey on its long-life cycle, please recycle it correctly. Recycle after not using anymore or send the product back to us on our charge and we will recycle it for you.

You are the driver of trends so go and vote with your values & wallet. You have the power.



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