LIMITED EDITION Life Happends Deep Down – leggings

Njálla X Boskil edition: Life Happends Deep Down sustainable leggings are ethically made and extremely comfortable and suitable for any activity or relaxation. These lightweight, silky soft leggings with a flattering high waist are made to make you feel amazing. The unique art work of the print is painted by a talented Finnish artist Manuela Bosco from Boskil Oy.

Material: 73 % recycled P.E.T. / spandex 27%.

The model is 174 cm tall and wearing size S. View our size guide for reference.

Both ethical production conditions and ecological materials used in this product are verified with certifications granted by international third parties. Read more of our responsibility.

Original price was: 119,00 €.Current price is: 59,50 €.


Njálla x Boskil edition

Njálla x Boskil edition is a limited edition of products made in collaboration between Njálla Clothing and Boskil. The art prints of this collaboration edition are made of beautiful art by a Finnish artist Manuela Bosco from Boskil Oy.

Ethically made sustainable leggings

Life Happends Deep Down sustainable leggings are ethically made, lightweight and silky soft. Therefore, making you feel most comfortable to do yoga, pilates, walking, running, hiking, dancing, chilling or whatever it is where you want to feel comfortable. In addition, these leggings are designed with no irritating seams or stitches with a flattering high waist fit. In other words, you can concentrate on to what is most important and sets your heart on fire. Above all the ecological material (recycled P.E.T.) is safe for you and the environment.

Life Happends Deep Down – sustainable leggings are made of ecological material. The material used in these leggings are recycled plastic (recycled P.E.T.).

All Njálla leggings are designed and approved by yoga- and sport professionals from Finland.

Art prints inspired by nature by Finnish contemporary artist Manuela Bosco

Life Happends Deep Down sustainable leggings unique art print is work of art by Manuela Bosco from Boskil Oy. She is a talented and well-known artist and an ex Olympian athlete from Finland.

“Manuela Bosco is a Finnish-Italian contemporary painter. Manuela’s Savo-Sisilian roots can be seen in her paintings as strong contrasts and intensive colors. She can be described as a colorist, with big paintings mainly inspired by nature. Painted Paradises: out -and indoors, capturing intime scenes and intense atmospheres, in between abstract and figurative, her works seem to be painted to re-member the essence of our nature. Beauty and Union. ” – Boskil Oy

The Waterlily -Serie was made for Grande Famiglia-exhibition (Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Finland, 2019). Waterlilies symbolizes transformation, spiritual evolution and growth. The rising from mud into beauty and rebirth, as this is exactly how a waterlily grows. Waterlilies grow directly out of muddy and murky waters and produce beautiful white blossoms. Waterlilies are also very popular in the Lake area of Eastern Finland (Saimaa) where Bosco is from.

Dream fit and tips for long life cycle

These ethically produced sustainable leggings are a work of unique handmade art inspired by the nature. Make sure you find the dream fit for you from our size guide. In addition find our tips how to make products life cycle long from our care guide.

Write the story of more sustainable future with us

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