Riippakoivu - Soahki kesä legginssit

Weeping birch – Soahki yellow leggings are ethically made, sustainable and extremely comfortable and suitable for any activity or relaxation. These lightweight, silky soft leggings with flattering high waist are made to make you feel amazing.

Materiaali: 73 % kierrätettyä muovia (recycled P.E.T.) / spandexia 27 %

Kuvan malli on 173 cm pitkä ja hänellä on päällään S koko. Katso viitteeksi koko-oppaastamme.

Both ethical production conditions and ecological materials used in this product are verified with certifications granted by international third parties. Read more of our responsibility.




Ethically made sustainable leggings with art

Weeping birch – Soahki yellow leggings are ethically made, sustainable, lightweight and silky soft. Therefore, making you feel most comfortable to do yoga, pilates, walking, running, hiking, dancing, chilling or whatever it is where you want to feel comfortable. In addition, these leggings are designed with no irritating seams or stitches with a flattering high waist fit. In other words, you can concentrate on to what is most important and sets your heart on fire. Above all the ecological material (recycled P.E.T.) is safe for you and the environment.

Weeping birch – leggings are made of ecological material. The material used in these leggings are recycled plastic (recycled P.E.T.).

Kaikki Njállan leggingsit on suunniteltu suomalaisten jooga- ja urheiluammattilaisten toimesta.

Art prints inspired by our Nordic nature

Weeping birch – Soahki yellow leggings unique art print is designed by Njálla and made in Finland. The inspiration of this beautiful print is the weeping birch, soahki in samean language. Weeping birch finds it strength from the roots that go deep in the ground. The more the wind blows, the stronger the roots gets. The “roots of a tree that grew up in the wind is strong”.

The art of this beautiful print was custom made for Njálla by a talented artist Angelina Luzhina from Grafilinka. This print is part of Njálla´s  “Nordic Tropic” -summer edition 2019.

From a small seed it grew the roots so deep.
For decades it stood there within its humble glory, and offered its beauty through every season.
As the rays of the sun linger on its glossy leaves and as the wind touches its long weeping branches,
you can feel the ultimate love Mother Nature has to share.
Stop for a moment and listen the story of this tree – the whisper from the earth.
Breathe deep. Exist now.
Become part of the tree and the roots, the ones that connect all of us into a one soul.

– Njállagirl from Finland

Täydellinen istuvuus ja vinkit tuotteen pitkään elinkaareen

These ethically produced eco-conscious leggings are a work of unique handmade art inspired by the Nordic nature. Make sure you find the dream fit for you from our size guide. In addition find our tips how to make products life cycle long from our care guide.

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